At VB&B you'll find hand-curated vintage jewelry, clothing, accessories and home decor to please every style of vintage lover. 

From fine and costume jewelry to ladies fashions to killer menswear, we're always on the hunt for the next awesome treasure and the history that comes with it. 


Women's Vintage

From head-to-toe, we've got you covered! Here you'll find hats, dresses, blouses, lingerie, outerwear, shoes and handbags. 


VB&B has a love for vintage jewelry, especially costume pieces from the 1950s and fine Art Deco era gems from the 1920s. 

Home Décor

We also dabble in upcycled vintage home décor. From vintage botanical and animal prints to shelves made from old suitcases and books.


For the Guys

At VB&B we're firm believers that guys love vintage too! We're always on the hunt for stylish ties, suits, jackets and fine men's accessories and jewelry. 

Fashion is all about wearing what makes you feel good, at least that's our take on it! 


What we love about vintage fashion is the craftsmanship. These pieces were designed to last and thanks to their expert creation we can still wear many vintage pieces today. For ladies we carry everything you'll need to pull together the perfect vintage look or to incorporate just a piece or two into your wardrobe. We're particularly fond of dresses, but we also carry blouses, skirts, lingerie, gloves, hats, scarves, purses and accessories too! 

View our selections on the Shop Women's Vintage page or see our entire inventory in our Etsy shop



We know men love vintage too! 


At VB&B we feel that men are an underserved audience of vintage and we aim to help change that. While finding quality men's clothing and accessories can be a little more time consuming, we're always on the look out for items to make you look sharp. We have a thing for vintage ties, suspenders, bow ties and fedoras and we add new items to the shop regularly! 

View our selections on the Shop Men's Vintage page or see even more in our Etsy shop


Put a vintage twist on your home stylings!

Our Home Décor section is eclectic and fun. Here you'll find some of our more creative pieces. We've turned vintage suitcases into shelving and tables. We've taken vintage books and made them into floating shelves. Our twist on vintage picture frames to display and organize jewelry are fun and functional. You'll also experience some nostalgia with our shadowboxed vintage baby items and with the botanical and animal print products we have available too.

Visit our Home Décor section of the site or jump over to our Etsy shop to see our current inventory.