Create Your Own Fashion Statement Collar #Broochgroups

One of the fun and hip trends for Fall is to take several brooches and create a design or jeweled collar for your winter staple pieces. Think about taking that black sweater up a notch by putting all gold colored brooches along the neckline and shoulders or about taking brooches of similar styles and creating a bib necklace with multiple strands that you've connected between two brooches.

Below I show you two options on the same dress that we created the shoulder brooch mosaic on earlier in our #Fallofthebrooch blog series.

With the first option I've taken Victorian-inspired brooches of similar styles to create a brooch collar for the dress. It's sweet, has lots of fun texture and all of these brooches are versatile enough for you to create many looks with.

With this second option I've taken it a step further, adding a similar style flower brooch to each shoulder and then connected a gold chain between them. If you didn't want to do the collar you could take several necklaces and connect them to the shoulder brooches to create a multi-stranded, layered look.

If you remember from my first post with this dress - it had several moth holes along the collar and shoulder - by using brooches I've taken a damaged dress and made it perfectly wearable by covering the imperfections!

Here are a few more photos of how sharp the whole dress looks with the #broochgroups technique.

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