New to the Shop - Expansion of Our 1920s Slang Line

Last month we created some new items to continue the 1920s Slang themes beyond the note cards. We developed 8x10 prints of the four most popular phrases - The Bee's Knees, The Cat's Meow, Drunk Words and The Cat's Pajamas.

We also made a short run and tested coasters for our Drunk Words phrases image. The eight we had made sold out the first day, so we're in the process of finding a way to print/produce them economically and add them to our line up.  

We also made and added some body products like lip balm for the Bee's Knees and Cat's Meow phrases and bath bombs for the Bee's Knees, Cat's Meow and Cat's Pajamas. We haven't added these to the Etsy shop yet, but if you're interested in having some made up for you or a custom order, please send us an email at

In addition to these items we're considering making posters of the top phrases, adding one more phrase if we can find the correct imagery for Hair of the Dog and we're considering adding buttons and pinbacks with images similar to what you see on the lip balms. We'd love to hear your thoughts! Are there products you'd like to see? Out of our new items what are you most likely to buy for yourself or friends/family? Comment below!