Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Set / Vintage 14k Yellow and White Gold / Wedding Ring Size 9

Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Set / Vintage 14k Yellow and White Gold / Wedding Ring Size 9


This is an absolutely stunning wedding ring "set". The diamond engagement ring has been fused with a more simple wedding band, also including diamonds, to create a unique dual band setting. The portions of the setting that hold the diamonds are white gold, while the remainder of the band is yellow gold. It was very popular during the 1920s and 1930s to mix yellow and white gold so that the white gold would make the diamond look larger, which is why they're often called "illusion" rings.

The larger engagement portion of the ring has a huge white gold square setting with a 2mm diamond and two smaller chip diamonds on each shoulder. The intricate wedding band portion of the ring has three 1mm diamonds in the center leaf and one chip diamond on either shoulder of that setting.

This ring pulls double duty and is exquisite too. Plus, another unique feature is that it's a size 9, which is rare for this style of ring. My guess is that this setting was created later, using the extra gold from one band to fuse the two and make the band larger as the woman aged and her fingers grew too big for the original engagement ring and wedding band.


Length: 1"

Width: 1/2"

Ring Size: 9

Weight: 4 grams


Era: 1920s

Style: Solitaire and Wedding Band Set

Material: 14k yellow and white gold and diamonds

Colors: Gold, white, clear

Condition: Great vintage condition

All jewelry is cleaned and stored in a smoke-free home.


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